Talent Management

With competition in the market place challenging profit margins, through team engagement, your people will be your biggest differentiator. However, knowing how to identify and build an awesome place to work or an organisation that builds motivated and engaged teams that are fit for growth isn’t for the faint hearted and it requires investment and focus on the talent that is its people.

Staying ahead of the market means that organisations need to continually adapt to customer needs. This requires a flexible workforce that is committed to the values and success of the organisation, and a workforce that has the potential to develop and grow at the same pace as the organisation.

Two key driving forces to successful talent management lie within the recruitment & selection and performance management process. It is essential to select new recruits based on great behaviours, attitude and potential as well as skills and abilities and once engaged in employment, by using your performance management process positively engage them within the very core that is your organisation and ensure they know how to ‘get on’ and progress their careers internally.

It is far more cost effective to develop your future talent internally than it is to recruit new and experienced talent externally.

How MBHR Consulting can help

Taking into consideration your future growth plans, predicted employee turnover and future organisational structure assumptions, MBHR Consulting Ltd can support your organisation to identify your talent management and succession plans over the next 3, 5 and 10 years. We will do this using systematic and fair positive performance management techniques that measure outputs, behaviours and potential to progress, leadership and management development and robust, reliable recruitment and selection methods.