Project Management

Knowing how and where your organisation needs to change is one thing, having the internal capacity to manage the changes as well as continuing to deliver the day to day operational needs is another and is often the reason why many organisations facing numerous change management programmes look to source some external support.

Outsourcing the project management of change, as well as increasing your capacity brings additional benefits to the management of projects, such as a dedicated focus to the project deliverables and an independent and unbiased approach to making it happen.

HR Projects that MBHR Consulting can help you with include but are not limited to:

  • Organisational Change such as diversification, new strategy and approach, restructures, implementation of new performance / behavioural┬ástandards, new policies and processes etc.
  • Implementation of new HR Software, e.g. Time and attendance, electronic rostering, employee and manager self service, online expenses etc.
  • Systems, policies and process reviews using LEAN tools and techniques and 6s

Whatever the project, MBHR Consulting Ltd will use proven project management techniques to ensure that the project is delivered in the most effective way engaging all the relevant stakeholders to ensure its long term success and deliver the ROI that the organisation is hoping to achieve.

To explore how MBHR Consulting Ltd can assist your project management needs, please contact us.