Workplace Mediation

Trained by ACAS and using the recommended ACAS process and techniques MBHR Consulting Ltd can provide individual or group mediation for your employee’s, affected team or managers as an alternative approach to resolving difficulties at work using the grievance policy and procedure.


Mediation used at the earliest stages of discontentment is proven to be much more effective than the use of the grievance process and results in the employees and / or managers leaving feeling a greater sense of empowerment, an understanding of how and why the difficulties arose, an agreed action plan for maintaining a harmonious working relationship in the future and an agreed method of resolving any difficulties in the future.


Mediation can be used to resolve discontent between employee and employee, employee and manager, manager and employee and manager and manager.


Any records of the discussions that take place during mediation are destroyed and remain confidential between those participating in the mediation unless they otherwise mutually agree to share the action plan with their manager.


In the unlikely event that mediation is not successful, the option of raising a grievance remains available to those involved.


If you would like to explore whether mediation may be appropriate for your business, please contact us.