Independent Investigation & Report

Early informal confidential intervention leads to lasting resolutions

A number of organisations and businesses find that circumstances dictate the need to call upon independent HR Services to fulfil their investigation needs. This can be due to; the size and scale of an investigation; the complexity of an investigation; the relationships or the seniority of individuals involved; or simply because the demands placed upon their existing HR Team outweigh their capacity to investigate at any particular time.

Whatever the circumstances or reasons why you choose to seek independent support, by choosing MBHR Consulting Ltd to conduct the investigation on your behalf we can guarantee the following:


  • Integrity of the investigation
  • Confidentiality
  • Compliance with your internal HR policies
  • Compliance with employment law
  • Agreed scope and scale of the investigation
  • Estimated timescales involved
  • Interim updates as required and agreed
  • A robust process of investigation with reference to internal and external reference materials where necessary
  • A thorough investigation and fair investigation techniques deployed
  • Evidence will be triangulated so far as reasonably practicable
  • A comprehensive written report with findings, summary, conclusions¬†and recommendations
  • Attendance at any internal or employment tribunals as requested.

If you would like to discuss your needs for an independent investigation, please contact us.